Young De(Of Serial Killaz) – DE Is For Demrick

02. No Saving Me (Intro)
03. Back Again On My Shit
04. Can’t Turn Back Freestyle
05. Whatcha Gonna Do (Prod. by Scoop DeVille)
06. Who I Am (Prod. by G-Rocka)
07. Slanging Rockz Freestyle (feat. Scoop DeVille)
08. Now Or Never (Prod. by 21)
09. Serial kilLAz – It’s Whatever (Remix) (feat. Uncle Murda) (Prod. by DJ Green Lantern)
10. I Need A Drink (Prod. by G-Rocka)
11. Ima Spark (Prod. by Jared Lee)
12. Life Of A Felon (feat. Becca) (Prod. by DJ Overtone)
13. All Out War (Prod. by DJ Overtone)
14. Serial kilLAz – Body Bags (Prod. by Fing Kong! & Money Mike)
15. Running Around (Prod. by 21)
16. Women vs. Hoes
17. Figure It Out (feat. Xzibit)
18. Blaze Of Glory (Prod. by Farhot)
19. Street’s Don’t Love You Back (feat. B-Real) (Prod. by Apathy)
20. Nothin To Prove (feat. Ras Kass)
21. Fail To Live Freestyle
22. Danger Zone (feat. Brevi) (Prod. by The Futuristiks)
23. Patron (Bonus)



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